Covid-19 Operations


Thankfully, the outdoors is the lowest risk environment in terms of COVID-19 transmission.  However, to stay safe, you should still take hygiene precautions, wash your hands regularly and keep at two metres apart from anyone outside your household whenever possible.

Our boats and all lifejackets will be disinfected daily using Byotrol 4:1 multi purpose cleaner and disinfectant which provides COVID-19 protection on frequently touched hard surfaces for 24-hours.

During mixed group trips, passengers will not be 2m socially distanced.

Please note: Regardless of these precautions, please remember that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms is reminded they should remain isolated at home according to Government advice.

Passengers have the choice of 2 options.

Mixed Groups

Up to 12 passengers per trip made up of mixed household groups.

2m Social distancing cannot be adhered to whilst onboard.

We do however recognise that some people may wish to go on a trip only with members of their household.  A full boat private charter is then ideal.   

Private Charter

All trips are available to be booked as a private charter for a discounted price. A maximum of 12 passengers can be accommodated.





Important Information for all passengers

We will not be providing waterproofs – please bring your own.

There will always be a skipper and crew member onboard. All passengers on will receive a full safety briefing from our crew member as per “Standard Operating Procedures”.

Passengers must not arrive earlier or later than the allotted time. To mitigate risk from meeting other parties.

Once checked in, groups will be asked to wait in the allocated location indicated by BTR staff.

A demonstration on how lifejackets are worn and fitted will be given once checked in.  Disinfected lifejackets will then be handed out for passengers to don themselves.  All lifejackets will be checked by our boarding staff and the skipper prior to boarding.

BTR will offer hand sanitiser after this process, before boarding the boat.

Once the boat is ready BTR skipper & crew will signal that the next passengers can make their way onto the pontoon and down to the boat.

BTR have the right to refuse bookings if guidelines are being breached. Please follow our procedures & Government rules. Safety of the customer & our staff is most important.

Please call us if you any questions at all or need help understanding these new procedures on 01239 623558.

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