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Frequently asked questions

Will we definitely see dolphins?

Cardigan Bays’ resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins is completely wild so we cannot guarantee sightings, however the area we operate in is one of the best in the bay for regular sightings and we know the best places to look. We do keep records of every dolphin sighting and on average we see dolphins on 6/10 1 hour trips and 8/10 1.5 hour trips and 9/10 2 hour trips.

What is the best time of the day for dolphin sightings?

They don’t have a set pattern, believe me we have tried to work it out! Our trip times are all based around high tide times so vary from week to week.  The biggest factor that can improve your chances of seeing dolphins is calm weather and the length of time you are out on the water. On choppy or rough days they’re still there, it is simply harder to spot them.

Is it safe for children?

The simple answer is yes, children of all ages love it, however we do have a minimum age of 4 on our 1 hour trips and 8 on our longer trips.

On some days we do increase these minimum age restrictions depending on the sea state and weather forecast. No matter what the weather, our biggest concern for little ones is wind chill so please make sure that they are wrapped up. Our son and daughter have both loved coming out on trips since we started in 2007 when they where just 3 and 5!

What if I feel unwell or have a panic attack?

If you are unsure then we would recommend the 1 hour sailings, that way if you really feel unhappy we will quickly get you back to shore and drop you off. It is something that we understand and wont make a fuss about.

If I have a medical condition can I still come on a trip?

All boats can experience unpredictable movements that can aggravate existing medical conditions. We carry people of all ages and abilities but those at greatest risk of shock from vessel movement are those very young and old, people with back/bone conditions, long term medical conditions, pregnant ladies and those with reduced ability. We will advise you as best we can but we are not medical experts. If you are booking on behalf of others then it is your responsibility to ensure that all medical conditions are disclosed. We will do our best to manage the sailing to the least able on board, however the decision to sail is entirely at your own risk.

Can we just turn up and expect to get on a trip?

Not normally. We get extremely busy and recommend that your book in advance.

Do you sail in all weathers?

Our boats are purpose built and designed to provide a safe and comfortable voyage in most weather conditions, however if you have any concerns please call our office. Ultimately the skipper has the final say as to whether a trip will run. If we have to cancel a trip we’ll try our best to give you as much notice as possible (however please note that due to the dynamic nature of the sea we do sometimes need to cancel at short notice) and to accommodate you on another sailing, if that isn’t possible a full refund will be given.  If you cancel a trip with less than 48 hours notice, there is no refund.

What should we wear?

Our RIBs are open boats and travel at speed, exposing passengers to wind, rain and seaspray so please dress accordingly. We always recommend passengers (even in the height of summer) wear a wind proof/waterproof jacket and plenty of layers, especially younger children.  To ensure lifejackets fit properly please no dresses and sensible footwear.  Please be aware that the skipper can refuse boarding (and no refund will be given) if they deem a passenger to be inappropriately dressed.

Do you take dogs?

Due to space restrictions we do not allow dogs onboard, sorry!  However, we are very happy to recommend Pawsome Staycations Wales.  They’ll meet you before the trip and take your dog/s for a walk on the beach whilst you’re out.  Call them on 07359 212079.

How can we pay?

All trips must be pre booked and prepaid, either online, over the telephone or in person at our booking kiosk. You can pay by cash at our booking kiosk or by debit or credit card issued by Visa and MasterCard.

Do you have toilet facilities?

There aren’t any public toilet facilities at our departure point in Gwbert. The nearest toilets, if you are travelling from Cardigan, are at the junction of the B4548, close to Cardigan Rugby Club. For trips departing from St Dogmaels there are public toilets in the village car park and also at Poppit Sands where there are public toilets by the RNLI station.

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