2021 boat trips season starting

Thanks to all our passengers for coming out with us over the last week. It’s been lovely to be back out on the water again. May is a great time of the year, lots of birds on Cardigan Island, lots of Seals around Cemaes Head and we’ve had good dolphin sightings. The weather looks to improve towards the end of the week when we’ll be back out.

How cute is this little chick!

Cardigan Island is home to lots of visiting Guillemots and pictured here is a chick brave enough to show itself behind its parent. Guillemots spend their life out at sea and come to land only to nest. The young are called “jumplings” as they leave the nest before they can fly by jumping (or bouncing) into the water below when they’re around 3 weeks old, then head out to sea with their Dad.