Sea conditions

After a very successful 1st trip of the day (extended 1.5 hour trip) yesterday gave approx 4 dolphins just to the east of cardigan island then 2 porpoise, one of which was a very small youngster and very cute. We didn’t see any dolphins on the next few trips but quite a few (5-10) seals were around the beach at cemaes head. On our last trip the NW wind had picked up a little making the sea conditions far from ideal for finding dolphins again. However whilst on our way to Mwnt, out of the blue, 2 dolphins breached about 10 metres in from of us. We quickly switch to neutral and had were blessed with some very close encounters as approx 5 dolphins Inc 1 calf moved around the stationary boat. As they moved away we left them and headed to Cemaes to see the seals again.