Great Dolphin Sightings

The great sightings continue. We spotted a couple of Gannets circling just east of Cardigan Island so we went to investigate.  We stopped and whilst bouncing around a little waiting, a dolphin popped up for a breath about 2 metres away from us, giving us all a surprise. A pod of around 8 then stayed with us for the next 15 – 20 minutes. They didn’t appear to be feeding, just happy to hang around with the boat. We then decided to leave them in peace and headed off slowly (5 knots) back towards the island and they decided to follow us playing in our bow wave. I took some video footage which I’ll edit and try to post up to you tube. In the meantime here are a couple of stills. Not great quality but you get the idea. After a few minutes they left us and we continued to Cardigan island only to then spot Top Notch, one of our regular dolphins and her calf just by the island.  After a few minutes watching we went off to find some seals and saw 4 – 5 around Cardigan Farm Park.  Oops, forgot to mention, still plenty of Auks on the Island.