Excellent cleaning job

Sorry for the lack of updates last week.  Bay Explorer was out of the water for a few days last week having a clean up and inspection by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency ready for the summer holidays.

We went back in the water ready for trips on Wednesday evening and since them we have seen dolphins on every trip.  It must be my excellent cleaning job!  On Wednesday evening (23/6) at 18:00 we saw a pod of 6-8 in between Cardigan Island and Mwnt.  Then on Thursday (24/6) we say a similar sized pod on both our 17:15 & 18:30 trips in almost the same place.  Top Notch was part of the pods on both days.  Back out of Saturday evening at 18:30 and this time a slightly larger pod of around 12 to the east of Cardigan Island.  Again Top Notch was one of the pod with her calf starting to get braver and traveling further away from mum.  No trips on Sunday so back out Monday morning at 11:30 and this time we spotted some dolphins right by Mwnt and after watching for a while headed back towards Cardigan Island and were followed all the way.  In the end our time was up and we had to leave the dolphins behind just off the east of the island.

In addition, still plenty of Auks on the Island and although not that many, still a good number of seals around the island.