Dolphins, Seals, Scattering Ashes at Sea

Dolphins sighted on 2 trips this afternoon.  Money Penny and her calf were seen again near Mwnt on the first trip and together with 2 other adults they stayed with us for 10-15 minutes.  The 2 adults were sighted again, albeit briefly on the 2nd trip, a little closer to Mwnt this time.  Plently of seals hauled out on the beach at Cemaes and plenty in the water as well.  Our last trip was a little different as a local man who had passed away had requested his ashes be scattered by Cardigan Island.  He was a member of the local rowing club and ideally wanted the clubs Celtic long boats to take his ashes out. Unfortunately it was a little rough for them to travel out over the bar to the Island, so his family came out on Bay Explorer instead.