Dolphins & Seal Pups

A blustery morning but southerly winds mean't it was nice and flat whilst past Cardigan bar.  Cardigan Island was pretty quiet on the bird front so we headed down towards Mwnt and came across a pod of 5-6 dolphins approximately 1/3rd way there, quite close to the shore.  Initially one youngster jumped clean out of the water a couple of times which was what attracted our attention to them.  We moved closer before coming to a standstill and thankfully they moved toward us and we were treated to some really close encounters with 4 or 5 surfacing only 2 or 3 metres away from us.  After 5 minutes they moved further out and we decided to leave them in peace.  When we got to Cemaes Head we saw 2 possibly 3 seal pups on the 1st small beach around the headland so we stopped and watched from a distance.  We then carried on to our usual seal beach and although there were none hauled out, there were plenty in the water.