Covid-19 Policy


Last Update 29th September 2020

· A Bay To Remember have produced these procedures in line with current Welsh Government guidance and with recommendations from British Marine Federation (BMF), Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

·To stay safe, the key things to remember are that you must take hygiene precautions, wash your hands regularly and keep at least two metres apart from anyone outside your one exclusive extended household at all times.

· Please note: Regardless of these other new allowances, please remember that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms is reminded they should remain isolated at home according to Government advice.

Please call us if you any questions at all or need help understanding these new procedures on 01239 623558.

Phase 1 - Reopening 11th July

In line with current social distancing laws in Wales, we cannot run at normal capacity and therefore can only accommodate a reduced number of passengers per trip for the foreseeable future. We've had to do some serious head scratching to work out a plan for how we can operate in a safe yet sustainable way. Our phased reopening plan is set out below. This is very fluid at the moment as things are changing regularly. However rest assured that we will be following Government recommendations carefully to ensure the safety of our Staff, Passengers and Local Community:

Option 1:

Nice and simple. We can accomodate one "exclusive extended household" or "bubble" up to a maximum of 12 passengers on a private charter for one fixed price. You have the whole boat to yourselves as long as you are all from the same household/extended household/bubble and do not have to socially distance from one another.

Option 2:

In addition to Option 1, smaller households can book onto a shared trip made up of a maximum of 2 separate households, with a gap of 2 empty bench seats between (2m).

· All bookings must however be for one exclusive "household/extended household". Separate households must book separately.

· All seats will be charged at the adult rate.

· Seats will be charged in "pairs". e.g. A group of 5 will be charged for 6 seats etc.

· The minimum charge will be 4 seats.

· The skipper will allocate seats for each group ensuring best practice for social distancing.

· Group members will be asked not to move from their allocated seat until the end of the trip.

Changes to Procedures

· Unfortunatley we won't be able to provide waterproof coats - please bring your own.

· Our boats and lifejackets will be cleaned between each trip with safe, fast acting and environmentlly friendly disinfectant.

· A demonstration on how lifejackets are worn and fitted will be given prior to boarding and a visual check will be made by the skipper & crew.

· Hand sanitiser will be available for use after this process and before boarding the boat.

· Your skipper & crew will wear a face covering &/or visor whenever social distancing cannot be adhered to and at all times whilst the boat is underway during the trip.

· In line with Welsh Government guidelines we will not insist customers wear a face covering. However you are welcome to bring and wear your own if preferred.

· 2m physical distancing will be maintained wherever possible.

· We have the right to refuse bookings if guidelines are being breached. Please follow our procedures & Government rules. The safety of customers & our staff is our top proirity.

Phase 2 – From 7th September

In line with the latest Welsh Government guidelines, we can accommodate up to 3 separate household groups per trip by leaving 1 bench seat empty between groups (1.2m) Therefore:

· There will be no difference to our Phase 1 procedures except a potential maximum of 10 passengers can be accommodated (depending on the make up of groups).

·As we will be able to more easily accommodate couples, our minimum charge will now be reduced from 4 to 3 seats.

Passengers from seperate households will be closer that 2m from one another whilst onboard, this is allowable as long as, to quote from the Welsh Government website "other reasonable measures are taken to minimise risk of exposure to the virus, in particular by limiting close face to face interaction and by improving hygiene".

· 2m Social Distancing will be maintained whenever possible including whilst on the beach and boarding the boat.

· Whilst onboard, passengers will be no closer than 1.2m from another group (1 empty seat).

· There will be no face to face interaction as seating is face to back.

· Our boats are obviously outside and fully open air.

Reverting back to Phase 1 – with effect from from 1st October

In light of the growing number of cases in the UK including Wales, together with the various local level lockdowns that have been introduced, we feel it is safest to revert back to keeping a minimum of 2m between all seperate household bookings. Therefore for October we will be reverting to our Phase 1 procedures:

· Please Refer to our Phase 1 procedures above.

Phase 3 – Normal Ops Date Unknown (Hopefully 2021!)

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